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Welcome to the web site for candidates for The Danish International Pea Picking Team.

We are mainly growing peas and some other crops like sugar snaps, maize and potatoes. 

The peas are picked by hand and used as snack - to be eaten directly from the pods without cooking.

We are located on Eskemosevej 8, DK-5853 Oerbaek on the eastern part of Fynen.
See the location here on
Google maps or read the section Travel guidance.

Besides the Danish production, we are also growing peas in Portugal to extend the season. In Portugal we are located in Almograve near The Atlantic Ocean, about 150 km south of Lissabon. 

The picking is taking place in following periods:

Portugal:  1. April - 1. June

Denmark: 1. June - 1. September

All the picking is done according to the ”Seasonal Work” concept, where young people from all over Europe (EU) are working and living together during the picking season.

In Denmark you are bringing your own tent and live side by side at the camp site during the stay. At the camp site there is access to kitchens, dining rooms, laundry, showers and toilets and different kind of activities for amusement. Please read the section Camping for further information.

In Portugal you are living in appartments, together with your colleagues in 2 persons room. The appartments are with kitchen and bath room with toilet and shower. Please read the section Portugal for further information.

Working is the main purpose - but the social life among other young people is a very important factor. Friendships are made across the nations and the experiences from the stay will follow you for the rest of your life as nice memories to look back upon.

Through the "Seasonal Work" concept we are constantly trying to develop the best pea picking team in Europe. The working requirements are very high - and only serious and responsible persons with a strong mental drive are working in the team.

You don´t need to have experiences from pea picking or from any other kind of picking. But you have to have some basic skills and the right attitude to develop your selves to a higher level in the team. You need:

- English speaking and understanding.

- Mental drive for piece work

- Discipline for constantly improvement of your work

- Skills for efficient and independent movement of your hands

- Positive attitude and consideration to other people

- Responsible behavoir

You must expect some time to learn. But people who have been training to become professional pea pickers are coming back year after year to enjoy the work and the camp life in the Danish international pea picking team.

To see how you apply for a job, please go to the section Apply for a job.

The section What to bring will help you with a list of the necessary documents to bring - and with other things you will need during your stay.

For old pickers there are some new conditions to be aware of. The main differences compared to previous years are listed in the section Changes 2015 season.

Hope we will meet and you will enjoy the stay and contribute in a positive way to the team.

Kind regards

In GreenPeas you are not working in a traditional way - In GreenPeas you are working with yourselves.


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