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A senior man by the swimming pool
Group Hug
Muddy Soccer



The local community

We are dedicated to supporting the local communities where our fields are located. We support several projects that aim to improve the quality of life for people in our surroundings, such as sports projects and other local initiatives.

Movement, exercise and diet

We stubbornly believe that projects with a focus on movement, exercise and diet can strengthen our common future. This also includes association life, which continues unabated to give all citizens the opportunity for togetherness, community and spark.

Inclusion, community and dissatisfaction

Unfortunately, we are a country that struggles a lot with loneliness and unhappiness - therefore we believe that it is local associations that should have our support, so that there can be more opportunities to seek out the small lights that make everyday life more inclusive for all of us. It is our attempt to create more 'human awareness'.

We believe that our social responsibility is crucial to creating a sustainable future, and we are determined to continue making a positive difference to society and the environment, as well as well-being and exercise.

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