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Peas are a legume that has long been cultivated in Denmark. For many generations, peas have been a fixture in kitchen gardens and allotment gardens across the country. 

For the Danes, peas have been a staple in frost all year round, but people have always looked forward to the summer when they were available fresh. 

However, the pea plant is far from Danish - in fact, the classic Danish pea is not Danish at all. It originates from Asia and has been cultivated for thousands of years. Around the 17th century, the pea we know today came to our latitudes and since then it has become a regular part of the Nordic diet. - either as a frozen product or as fresh in the summer. 

Denmark is located on the northern pea belt, which is best suited for the production of peas. This means that our climate and soil are most optimal and provide the best quality and taste that you are looking for. 

At Green peas, however, we have learned to grow them with Danish quality in mind, under Southern European skies. Therefore, look for us in the supermarket next time you shop. Then you are guaranteed Danish quality!

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