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We believe that our CSR activities are important to creating a sustainable future and we are determined to continue making a positive difference in our society and environment.

Crop Field Aerial Shot

Society and environment

At Greenpeas, we take our responsibility as a company seriously. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in our society and environment through our CSR activities.

One of our most important CSR activities is our commitment to sustainable agriculture. We work closely with our producers and field teams to ensure that their farming methods are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This includes reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides, and increasing the use of field improvement methods. We regularly have people on courses and we do this to ensure that we also have good conditions for growing crops in Denmark in the future. That is why we are Global GAP and GRASP certified.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Fairness and human responsibility

We are committed to fair trade and work further to ensure that our workers have orderly working conditions. That is why we are Global GRASP certified – a security for you as a consumer of our products, so you know that what you take home from the supermarket has been produced under proper conditions.

Our CSR commitment also extends to reducing our environmental impact, by reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as recycling and reusing our packaging as much as possible. Therefore, we also refer to our boxes, crates and cartons being recycled or disposed responsibly. Furthermore, our machines are set up so that there is as little waste and power consumption as possible.

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