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Where we grow

We grow peas in Denmark and Portugal. The Danes' interest in peas has increased considerably in recent years - therefore we have expanded our production so that we can also offer quality peas outside the Danish season, but still with Danish quality in mind. 

We cultivate with a focus on sustainability and with an understanding of nature. We don't use artificial fertilizers and we don't overharvest the plants - what we don't take with us from the field stays in the field and is plowed down. 

It ensures a natural cycle, where the plant contributes to the soil, which thus passes on nutrition to the next crop. 

The pea plant is also one of the few plants that has positive carbon fixation. This means that it can absorb more carbon from the air than it needs - therefore it also generally contributes to healthier air quality and reduces the pressure on the climate. 

This is retained in the plant when plowing down and thus provides fresh energy for the next crop in the field. 

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