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Organic peas

Peas and the ecosystem

Our organic peas are positive for the climate in the sense that they can absorb most of the nutrients they need themselves. 

That is why we talk about a positive climate account when we look at peas. 

Peas can themselves absorb nitrogen from the air and store it in the root nodules until it needs the extra nutrition. 

When we look at pea bushes, we have approx. 90% which is plant - the rest is the pea pods themselves. After the harvest, the pea bushes are plowed into the sown soil, whereby the plant contributes to remediation of the soil. 

Additionally, it contributes natural carbon from its tubers. The remedial effect and the naturally occurring carbon settles in the soil and makes the field more sustainable for the next generation of plants. 

Thus, it is a positive cycle to have fields planted with peas. In ecological terms, it can actually be a good idea, as the soil after pea production will be far more nutrient-rich and contain important means to make the next crop grow.  Extra important in organic farming, since you cannot supply nourishment from the outside. 

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