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Earth and water

Pink Blossom

The earth's soil and water are becoming more and more depleted of nutrients - at the same time more and more pollution is added. 

After many hundreds of years of plant and animal breeding, it is important to get the balance reversed, so that we all also start giving back to the planet's resources, instead of just taking. 

Yellow Flowers
Wild Path

The legumes are a soldier in this project. For many years, traditional crops have consumed the resources - that is why pulses are indispensable in future food production. The plants provide nourishment back to the soil - among other things through organic material, which cleans up and becomes topsoil. 

Mulch, which most crops need, but which only a few can produce as part of their cycle. 

We are facing a future where the yield of each and every hectare of land yields less yield, due to the overproduction of the past. Therefore, we have an interest in spreading greater interest in pulses, so that the earth can become more reusable and we can calmly develop the earth's natural power again - instead of plundering it.

Therefore, you should also include more pulses in the weekly meals - for the future and the next generations. 

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