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The legumes
- and the climate

Legumes have several different advantages when looking into the future climate. It is undoubtedly an important ingredient in many meals already, but perhaps it should actually be part of all meals going forward. 

Legumes have the strength that they are often incredibly nutritious. Nutritious in the sense that most pulses can give you both your daily intake of vitamins and most minerals. Both important cornerstones for maintaining a healthy body. 

Unfortunately, many of these pulses grow far from Danish surroundings, but fortunately they can be found in Danish supermarkets. Look at the red paprika, for example - a few individual slices a day and then your vitamin target for the day has been achieved. 

Peas are in themselves a delicious food and can even be described as pure candy for many. But it also has strong health incentives, which can add additional benefits to more use of the vegetable, just like the paprika. 

Likewise, it should be mentioned that edamame, sugar snaps and even beans should be categorized as part of the super foods of the future. 

Read more about the positive effect of pulses on agriculture below.

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