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Our history

Take a trip through our history and learn more about what we do and work with. 

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siden 1977

It all started back in 1977, when Peter Skov started the company of the same name. The products were then leeks, Asian leeks, cucumbers and celery - all produced under the same applicable formula as today

- it must be in order. 

In the spring of 1977, an experiment was started with a few rows of peas. These peas were then built on, and today we are Europe's largest producer. The rest have been phased out over the years and production is today focused exclusively on pulses. That's why you can call us experts in peas. 

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From vegetable to snack

When it all started, fresh peas were a rarity and often only associated with 14 days a year when you could snack from your own vegetable garden. Today we have extended the season for the Danish consumer and the pea season now extends from mid-May to mid-September. 

We have expanded this window year by year, in order to meet the demand that we have created for the Danish snack pea over almost 50 years. 

The Danish peas have gone from a household product to a snack item and are today the best-selling vegetable product in the Danish season.  

Turkish District Market

Denmark and abroad

For over 45 years, we have refined and created peas for Danish consumers. People from all over the country have been able to taste and enjoy the fresh legumes from late spring to early autumn. In line with the development in Denmark, we have also accepted opportunities from abroad and now distribute peas around to many countries in Europe.  

Since 2012, Greenpeas has also had field operations in Portugal to support the Danish market. Here we have the opportunity to harvest before the Danish season starts and thus create the necessary quantity to satisfy the Danes' love for peas and the increasing interest across Europe.

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Today, Peter Skov has changed his name to Green Peas A/S and has developed into an international player on the world market within legumes. 

We work closely with many players around the world and make a big effort every day to ensure that what we do is still in order, as it was when Peter created the foundation for the company. 


We are both certified Global GAP for production and Global GRASP for working conditions - and were also the first in Denmark to do so. 

Furthermore, we are a certified Organic Producer for the fields where organic cultivation is taking place. Our business partners are also subject to requirements from our side subject to Global GAP and GRASP. 

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The future

In line with the increasing interest in pulses and the major climate goals, Greenpeas has started a new ambitious goal - we want to get rid of the overseas production of sugar snaps and edamame, which are both shipped and flown here. Europe must be able to enjoy fresh products that do not leave a large climate footprint behind them - we think that is common sense!

That is why we have engaged in the production of both sugar snaps and edamame - products that have previously been connected with long logistics chains, we are now trying to get fresh consumption produced in Europe. 

For example, we have organic Danish edamame beans on the program - a product that is normally only found on frost from Asia.  Additionally, sugar snaps from both Portugal and Denmark

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Development has progressed rapidly over the past 20 years. We have gone from being locally rooted with small deliveries to the vegetable markets, to being Denmark's preferred supplier of peas. 

We work every single day to develop ourselves further - however, few things still stand as they did in 1977. 

What we deliver must be in order and the professionalism that has brought us here must continue to be the driving force in the development we are moving towards. 


It's Peter Skov's DNA - now also Greenpeas' DNA. 

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