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Sugar snaps

Sugar snaps



Sugar snaps contain protein, making them a good alternative to animal protein. There are approximately 3.5g of protein per 100g. peas.

Healthy carbohydrates

Sugar snaps contain healthy carbohydrates that give you energy without causing a rapid rise and fall in blood sugar.


Sugar snaps are a good source of vitamins such as C, A and K. 

Dietary fiber

Sugar snaps are a good source of fiber, which can help keep you full and help regulate your digestion. It's about. 2.4g of fiber per 100g. 


Sugar snaps contain a number of important antioxidants that help your body maintain a healthy immune system.


Peas are also a good source of   minerals, such as folate and iron. In addition, potassium and sodium are found in fresh sugar snaps. 

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